Block Wars is BACK baby…


If you weren’t aware, I announced some days ago that production Block Wars has been officially reopened. At least, publicly.

In reality, the third (and hopefully final) incarnation of Block Wars has been in my head and on and off being put together by myself and Packer for a few months now, it wasn’t until I saw a recent post here on the forums where a user said that Block Wars is what cause him/her to start playing the game in the first place.

Immediately I was floored and thought to myself: “Swholli, you’re 22 now. It’s time to buckle down and finish this god damned thing, and finish it right.”

So everything previously has been scrapped (except for most of the script, which was salvaged and retooled as a more mature writer) and I’ve decided to start completely over.

So, basically, if you’d like to contribute to this, pay attention to the server status for when I have Blue Harvest up and running. It will be passworded, so PM me with some credentials (I need players willing to follow instruction, no more main stream riff raff like before).

Hopefully, with your help and my already budding team, we’ll actually be able to put this fucker to bed.

And then I can make Empire Strikes Back…

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